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Small optical reference flatsFlats and lenses have an enormous variety of uses. These range from reference surfaces to astronomy related applications. We produce customised flats, lenses and mirrors according to customers' needs and specifications.


The ACPO has full fabrication capabilities, including cutting, edging, grinding and polishing. We work with a variety of different materials and can polish ceramics, crystals, glass and metal. Additionally, we have the ability to coat these surfaces with a wide variety of substances (metallic and dielectric) and thicknesses. We also provide full surface metrology testing and certification.

Teflon lap polishing machine

Teflon lap polishing machine

Measured surface figure on a 250 mm diameter 
                fused silica flat

Measured surface figure on a 250 mm diameter fused silica flat

  • Ultra-high form accuracy: better than 6nm P-V deviation from a perfectly flat or long radii of curvature surface.
  • High NA: spherical surfaces polished to better than 20 nm P_V figure.
  • Ultra-low waviness: ripples of spatial wavelength 1 - 100 mm less than 1 nm RMS.
  • Super-smooth surfaces: less than 0.1 nm RMS surface roughness and surface quality better than 10/5.
  • Calibration certificates available.
  • Substrates from 1 mm to 500 mm diameter.
  • Tooling available for curves between several mm to 20 metres radius of curvature.
  • Long radius curves (500 m to 20 km) available on request.

Ms Katie Green
Materials and Fabrication Manager
Phone: +61 2 9413 7620
fax: +61 2 9413 7200

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